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Cyprus has long since built a reputation for producing premium quality potatoes. Consumers in supermarkets are faced with a choice of numerous potato varieties from various countries but are increasingly realizing that quality is not just in the looks but more importantly, quality is under the skin and all about the taste. Potatoes from various countries may all look the same, however the real difference is in the flavor and this is precisely where Cyprus excels.



Cyprus potatoes are planted in the famous nutrient rich red soils that combine with sunny growing conditions to deliver the unique exceptional flavor that millions of consumers around the world have come to appreciate.  Cyprus potatoes are not only delicious in taste, but they are exceptionally healthy acting as a source of additional energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals. But potassium rich soils and growing under the sun are not the only factors contributing to the premium quality of Cyprus potatoes.



ROHA potato growers are all GlobalGAP certified to ensure that the potatoes are cultivated under the strictest food health and safety standards to deliver fresh and healthy potatoes.

Once ready for harvest Cyprus potatoes are handpicked from the field to minimize mechanical damages and to deliver a fresh and healthy looking product with exceptional taste.


So when choosing potatoes from the supermarket shelf, remember that the difference is in the health, the freshness and at the end of the day it’s all about the taste.  

Share the secret of how Cypriots themselves get the most out of Cyprus potatoes.





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it's about taste

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