Maturity:   Medium Early allians

Cooking type (EAPR): A

Consumption quality: Premium quality salad potato, excellent flavour, deep yellow flesh colour, no discolouration after cooking

Yield: High marketable yield,medium sized tubers,uniform grading

Youth development: Hesitant

Dormancy: High, excellent suitability for storage


Tuber shape:  Loval

Eye depth:  Shallow

Skin:  Yellow, Smooth

Flesh colour:  Deep Yellow


PCN:  Ro 1, Ro 4

Leafrol Virus:  Medium

Leaf Blight:  Medium

Black leg:  High

Rhizoctonia:  High

Common scab:  Medium - Low


Bruising:  Low

Spraing:  Low

Mechanical Damage:  Low


Allians has medium to high demands to the soil and water supply. Soils with extreme pressure of common scab should be avoided.

Allians is growing uniform medium sized tubers. Due to the medium tuberization rate the recommended plant density should be approx. 46,000 plants/ha. Careful stimulation of sprouting and protective chemical control of Rhizoctonia are generally recommended.

Allians is slightly sensitive to Metribuzin (Sencor, etc.). Especially post emergence application should be carried out only at suitable environmental conditions. If applicable reduced dose rates are recommended.

Allians is combining high yield, very good table quality and good storability. Due to the nice tuber shape and the excellent skin finish this variety is excellent suitable for pre-packing.

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