Maturity:   Early 

Cooking type (EAPR): B

Consumption quality: Quality ware potato, very good taste, no discolouration after boiling, excellent suitable for packing and convenience products

Yield: Very high marketable yield, medium - large sized tubers

Youth development: Rapid

Dormancy: Medium, Good storability


Tuber shape:  Loval

Eye depth:  Shallow

Skin:  Yellow, Smooth

Flesh colour:  Yellow

Raw discolouration:  Very low


PCN:  Ro 1, Ro 4

PVY:  High

Leaf Blight:  Medium - High

Black leg:  High

Rhizoctonia:  High

Common scab:  Medium - High


Bruising:  Very Low

Mechanical Damage:  Medium - Low

Marabel preferably should be grown on soils in good agricultural condition. Uniform water and nutrient supply is advantageous. Soils with high risk of spraing (internal rust spots) should be avoided.

Marabel should be fertilized with slightly retained amounts of nitrogen, however, in some soils nitrogen accented leaf fertilization just before tuber setting may increase tuberisation rate. In order to ensure dry matter or starch content, respectively, potassium manuring should be done with chloride-free fertilizer (potassium sulphate).

Marabel is growing uniform medium to large sized tubers. The tuberisation rate is medium, the recommended plant density is approx. 43,000 plants/ha.

Marabel is yielding very nice tubers with excellent suitability for washing and prepacking. Due to the specific internal quality, this variety has also very good suitability for peeling and other convenience products

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