Integrated Total Solutions

  • All Year round Supply

We understand that in order to provide a complete service to our customers, we have to be able to supply them all year round with our products. As potatoes are seasonal we have a predefined Production Calendar

according to our agreements with our customers and their needs. Our goal is to satisfy every possible demand but in order to secure the expected* quantities a good estimation is needed by the customer so the possibility to achieve the target quantity is maximised. Also in some cases achieving a good deal will have more benefits as predefined schedule will provide more sufficient production and eventually lower costs.

From November until the end of May we can provide new crop potatoes and after that period we store in our cold rooms the amount pre-agreed plus a percentage we decide is appropriate to have in stock. Our cold rooms are constantly monitored by electronic surveillance systems so in case of an error we are notified to take appropriate action. This minimizes the risk of damaging the potatoes and ensures maximum life span.
*Weather conditions might affect the production cycle.


  • Private Label - Branding

We use our expertise to help and promote customers brands and solutions. We can process, select and pack for third parties with their own specific need and diacritics. This comes to complete our Total Solutions service where we use our experience for the customer’s ideas and provide a high end product tailored to the needs if a high end customer.

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